Friday, 6 July 2018

Chicago Sport Teams

Today we were creating a DLO about Chicago sports team. Our group worked collaboratively and communicated to complete this DLO. We used our smart searching skills to find some interesting facts about the Chicago sports team. There are  different types of teams that we looked up and try to find some facts. I learnt a lot from this activity and enjoyed it. 

Thursday, 5 July 2018

ASB Get Wise

ASB Getwise


Plan trip to Fiji $1800
Objective to earn entertainment points by thinking carefully about how you spend your available budget. Groups negotiate how their $ is spent

Credit card
Passport $100 (0)

Flights $300 economy (3)
$500 business (10)

Accommodation budget $200 (2)
$600 beachside view (8)

Insurance  $0 (0)
no insurance $200 (0)

Food $100 (1)
$200 (4)
$400 (10)

Shopping $100 (2)
$200 (5)
$300 (9)

Activities $100 (3)
$300 (7)
$500 (16)

Money left:

Team 1 $100 - $500
Team 2 $100        31
Team 3 $300        31 (used and paid for credit card)
Team 4 $0            35 = winners who stayed most under budget
Team 5 $100       24

Dice roll to determine hospital fees

Team 1 $600 - no insurance in debt $500 out of game
Team 5 $600 - insurance

Save some, spend some, share some


Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Light House For Sale - Activity ( NOT REAL )

This week we have been learning about the history of lighthouses, with Mr Johnston. Did you know that Cape Reinga is located at the tip of New Zealand. We have made a poster of a light house that is for sale. We could either make one or take a picture of one. We had to include the features of our light house. For example I have written, you get a perfect view of the ocean while easy access to food. 
I have decided to make a clip art of White Shoal Light. 


This week Ls1 went up to LS2. LS2 found 2 people to work with. I worked with Oscar, Mojtaba, and Mataio.  We watched a video about matariki then one of us got a three minute timer. After that we wrote as many thing we new about Matariki. We had to use that to make a poster about Matariki. I drew most of the pictures. Mojtab and Oscar wrote most of the information. Mataio had to do a job for Mr Mat an Mrs Lily.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


This week for maths with Mr Johnston, we made a google presentation about M&M's. We first predict how many m&m's colors are in a small packet. For this week our challenge for maths was about m&ms with Mr Johnston.  Each group has a packet of m&ms. We tried to predict on how many colors are in that packet, our group had more green. It was fun because we got to eat the m&m's. We then had to make a google presentation to show how many M&M are in a packet. There are different types of questions about the M&Ms, like list facts about the m&ms and history of m&m's.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Food tech

Today for tech we have made rock cake. To make this we had to measure 1 and 1/2 of SR. flour into a bowl with, chocolate chips, 1/2 of sugar, 1/2 of cream, 1/4 oil and crack one egg into the bowl. Once you have done this you want to mix and fold the ingrediants & then you want to bake it in the oven for 180c.