Thursday, 27 September 2018

Bridge Labeling

Today for inquiry we made our own version of the Panmure bridge on a google drawing. We labeled all of the different parts of the bridge and that are used to build the bridge. There are 4 different parts to the bridge that is the bridge deck so people and cars can go across the iron swing opens so the boats can get to the other side, abutment is to hold the iron swing and the piles holds the bridge deck and prevents it from collapsing. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Spaghetti Bridge Building

For the last two weeks Miss Kirkpatrick Inquiry group has been building bridges out of spaghetti. This was a very fun and creative piece of work we have done this year. We would draw a type of bridge we would like to build with all the correct measurements. We would then be provided with : a packet of spaghetti, rubber bands and tape. We would use all the equipment to construct our bridge. Each spaghetti was around 25 centimeters so it would be difficult, what type of bridge it was and how long or tall it was. Once all the planing was done we would have to make the deck of the bridge. We would use the rubber bands to make the spaghetti stay in bundles of ten. After we have constructed our bridge we would use an S hook to hang bricks to test the stability and strength on the bridge. My groups bridge was able to withstand 6 bricks.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Duffy Assembly

Today it was special Duffy assembly at the hall. The thing that special about were Machel Mulipola came to our school and explaining about his job. The Michel Mulipola is the Samoan but New Zealand comic illustrator. He is not just illustrator he also semi professional gamer and wrestler. He is the comic books and school journey artist and illustrator. There are some Michel Mulipola's books at our school and it called Frogs. One of the thing that he told us was using our face and writing the characters emotion is easier. 

Why Do People Build Bridges

Why do we build bridges?

Bridges help us today all over the world for specific reasons. Bikes, cars and skateboards use bridges to make transport faster and easier. Bridges are built to get from point A across to point B faster and easier.

Unfortunately in the past the Tamaki bridge we know today did not exist in the 18th century. Thus crossing the river was peoples only choice to get to their destination. Taking punts or boats were the only common choices to get across faster and easier. Although sometimes there was a consequence to crossing. People would drown in the process of getting across. This made the river very dangerous to some people, it was so common that drowning was called the New Zealand disease.

In the 19th century in 1865 the first bridge was built and was the start of fast transport. Currently taking a bridge is fast transport for most of us. But again traveling back in time people had to pay to cross the Tamaki bridge in the 19th century. This also was the start for dry transport.

It’s easier to see the truth on why people build bridges now. The point was that it could save lives, faster transport and for boats to cross the river. There's much more than just the view from a bridge or just crossing it.

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Thursday, 13 September 2018


Today was the last week for HITT (High Intense Interval Training) program. For the last 15 weeks we have been doing HIIT twice every week, we have had lots of rotations through the exercises and found our favorites. This training program is for us to increase our heart rate by Pau te hau which in Maori means getting puffed. The 4 exercises we did was tap steps, push ups, star jumps and sit ups. 
For these rotations we did the 4 sets of each. We also had 20 seconds to do each exercise. We got an extra 10 seconds for a little brake to regain our energy.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Exponents ( Powers )

Today for math we have been focusing on exponents which is also known as powers. You can solve them very easily if you know your times table. For example if your writing 10² then you would write 10 x 10 = 100. But if it is a cubed question then you would write it like this 10³ 10 x 10 x 10.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Orchestra Trip

Today most of Ls2 were invited to the Auckland Dance Project at the Auckland Town Hall. We saw multiple instruments I have never hard of. Like Bassoon, Cello, Double Bass, Viola and a Tuba. There where different sections with different types of instruments. There was the Brass instruments, Woodwind, String and the percussion instruments.