Friday, 7 July 2017

WLJ - Activity One

For our second break of the term we have been set a challenge from Rachel from the Auckland Council community to do the Winter Learning Journey. For day one we had to go on a website called 100% Pure New Zealand then find three facts about New Zealand. I have found out that 
69% of people that live in New Zealand are European. I also found that most of the population of New Zealand live in the North Island. And the last fact I found was that New Zealand has four main countries and languages.


  1. Kia orana Jericho and welcome to the Winter Learning Journey programme. I am so excited to see that you have joined us this year!

    I really enjoyed reading the facts that you posted about New Zealand and can see from your blog post that you also included a screenshot of the Tourism New Zealand website. That is nice addition. When you add screenshots, can you please be sure to add a link to the site (i.e. to attribute them so that we, as readers, know what they are)? That would be awesome :)

    It would also be awesome if you were able to continue blogging with us. Over the next few days I hope that you will learn many more cool facts about New Zealand's two main islands (the north island and south island) as well as more about the official languages of NZ - English, Te Reo Maori and sign language. Have you ever tried sign language? My dad used to teach at a high school for deaf students in Canada and had to use sign language to communicate on a daily basis. He loved it!

    Hope that you will continue to blog with us, Jericho. We'd love to blog with you!


  2. Hi Jericho,
    Your first post is amazing! It tells me you really enjoy the Winter learning journey. I also do the Winter learning journey too! Keep it up :)

  3. Hi Jericho
    Great job on completing your first winter learning journey activity. Keep up the amazing work and don't forget to keep posting!

  4. Hi Jericho. Great job. The facts you have provided are really interesting. I like how you have linked the website on your blogpost. Looking forward to seeing your future Winter Learning Journey posts.

  5. Hello Jericho, it is awesome to see that you are participating in the Winter Learning Journey. I am really looking forward to seeing some more activities. Keep it up.

  6. Hi Jericho,
    I like that you gave a clear blurb of what we are doing this holidays. Great Work!