Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Summer Learning Journey Video

The Summer Learning Journey for NEXT Foundation from Next Foundation on Vimeo.

Today we had a special assembly. For this assembly we had visitors from the NEXT Foundation and the people that program the Summer Learning Journey come to our school. We were first presented by Rachel from the Summer Learning Journey program. She told us how wonderful and successful the Summer Learning Journey was. Then we had Bill from the NEXT Foundation. He talked to us how the NEXT Foundation became a big company in New Zealand. We were then presented by the clip that I have put on top of the screen. Daniel was the main star in this clip. After this the NEXT Foundation gave us free lunch.

Denmark Christmas

This week LS2 have been learning about Christmas traditions in different country's. My group decided to choose Denmark as our country to learn about. We created a DLO with information about how Denmark celebrated Christmas. Once we completed our DLO we created a screencastify.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Google Programing

Today we played a game on google. To play this game we had to know how to program or code. This was an easy task for me because every Fridays we use to go to Digi tech wich helped our skills of programming and coding.

Tech Reflection

Every week, on a Friday morning the year sevens and eights go to Tamaki College for tech. So far this year, we have had three rotations. For the year 7 group B, our rotations were, Graphics, Digi Tech and Cooking. In food tech, we learnt to cook and we made some amazing things like Chocolate logs and Oreo milkshakes. In graphics we designed shapes and made a model of our teacher. In Digi Tech we learnt how to use scratch to code a animated story. And in food tech we learnt how to cook and bake different types of food.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Hazel Visit

On Friday we got a visit from Hazel that helps program the Summer Learning Journey. She told us if you participate in the Summer Learning Journey and come First, Second or third, we receive prizes at the start of the year. This was a great opportunity for us because it can help us with our learning while we are not at school. The prizes we will receive is Slime, fidget spinners, Lego and more. I look forward to doing the tasks.

Tech - Robotics

Last week Friday it was our last week of tech for the year. So for the last week of tech we were separated into groups to do activities. The three groups were Robotics, Social Studies and PE. I was put into the robotics group. For this activity we had to program a drone to move around obstacles that were set up for us. The first challenge was setting up the drone. This task was easy because you had to connect the numbers in order. We then programmed the drone to make it move in a square shape. The last task was to make the drone go under a table fly up and make it land on the table. This task was hard for our group but we were still able to complete the challenge.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Royal Family

Today LS2 have been working collaboratively with Learning Space 1 to create a DLO about the royal family. We used our research skills to find out who are the members of the royal family. And made a family tree of all the members. This activity was difficult for me because there are a lot of royal family members

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Mussel Harvester

In maths we have been doing some  problems. This week we used times table and division to solve these problems. I have worked with AJ, Daniel, Eric & Christopher. 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Learning To Motivate

Today we have been learning about leaderships because of next year, Y7 will be our school leaders. Today we looked at what motivation means. We then worked collaboratively to create a role play to show how we could motivate other people. Once we have completed this we then made a Tagul or word art to show different synonyms of motivation.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Police Visit

Today at Panmure Bridge School got a huge surprises from some police officers in the Community. Three police officers came down in a helicopter to explain to us what the differences are on a helicopter. Most of the school was wondering what the big thing attached to the helicopter was, the police officer explained to us what is was he said it was a thermal camera. Did you know that it costs $850,000. It can find people during anytime of the day. Did you know that the police helicopter has 2 engines? We also and got a visit from the police dogs. 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Why is it important to keep your teeth safe?

Today for our writing session I have created a animation with my 2 partners Joshua W and Calvin. All three of us have been looking up about what the causes of bacteria and what it does to our teeth, and how to look after them frequently. This is what we had to do

1: Research facts or info about what cavity is and what it does.

2: Create an animation or DLO to show your learning about how to keep our teeth clean.

3: Write all information we get from sites and write them in our own words.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Kiwi Sports - Badminton

This week for Badminton Kevin our badminton tutor taught us where and how to hold the racket when were going to do the backhand technique. First in order to do the backhand, your thumb has to face yourself and the rest of the fingers needs to be around the racket's handle and that's how you hold a racket if you are going to do a backhand grip.To play a rally we had to find a partner and I decided to go with Miki. We were told that one person needs to do a forehand and the other needs to do the backhand. Me and Miki were able to hit the shuddle 61 times!

Manaiakalani Film festival

Yesterday our whole school went down to Sylvia park to watch movies that different schools made for the Manaiakalani films festival. We also celebrated the tenth anniversary for the Manaiakalani Film festival. Each schools used very creative ideas in their film. My favorite film was Iv'e got a bad feeling about this. It's about to boys that try to survive the zombie apocalypse at school. Over 13 school came to celebrate the tenth anniversary and show the films they made. When we got back to school we started to comment on the movies that were shown during our session.

Panmure Bridge's Movies - P.B.S
Link to the Point England's movies - Pt England 
Tamaki Primary's movies - Tamaki Primary
If you'd like to watch all of the movies here is the link - Movies.

Monday, 6 November 2017


Today I have been learning about animals that starts with the first letter of my name which is J. I have chosen a Jaguar. A Jaguar is a type of cat that is found in North Central and South America. There maximum weight is 100 to 250 pounds. Did you know that Jaguars only threat is an anaconda?

Food Tech

Today at tech we made chicken goujons. To make chicken goujons you will need to have boneless chicken, flour, 1-2 eggs, parsley, some thing to add more flavor to it and chicken crumbs. First you need to dice your chicken and parsley. Then crack one or two eggs for your egg wash. With a separate bowl you add 4 table spoons of flour. With another bowl you add chicken crumbs, parsley and flavor. Once you have done these steps you turn on your stove then add oil to your pan. Once that's done you can coat you chicken with flour, then eggs and your chicken crumbs. Finally you put them in the pan to cook.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Firework Safety

This week me,Jericho,Christopher and Fau worked on a DLO on keeping safe on Guy Fawkes! Remember to follow these rules but also other important ones too! Stay safe and remember always obey these simple rules as they could save your life and protect you for major injuries! Stay safe everyone!

Thursday, 2 November 2017


This term for kiwi sport we have badminton. Our coach for the rest of the term is called Kevin. This week and last week we learnt how to control the racket. The names that are used to control the racket is called forehand grip and backhand grip. For today we played rally. To play this game you would need a racket, a shuttle and a partner. You have to hit the shuttle back and forward and see how much times you could hit it.

How Children Learn at School

How Children Learn at School

Do you wonder why kids are good at learning? They are good at learning because they watch people, they copy people, they observe other people because kids are eager to learn. They also want to follow their inspiration.

Children help their learning by observing people. Kids explore different and new things and they research things that they are unsure of.

Children talk to learn new things and find some new friends to get help from. Kids practice things to remember importants things.

Kids take risks to learn different things. They are also curious to figure out examples of things that they eager to learn about.

Kids are very good at learning they can do all sorts of things that people would not expect. They get help, they take risks, they observe information from what they are learning from and the take ideas and make them even bigger.

On Monday we wrote an explanation text about how children learn at school. We used rocket ship to write our explanation. After we finished our explanation we used DRAFT to fix our work. We also got feedback from different groups.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Last week we used screencastify to record our learning.

To start recording we had to download screencastify. Then we set up the app and we were ready to record.  before we started recording we had to write a script about what we were going to talk about. This was very help so we would not have to flip from tab to tab.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Cross Country

On Thursday Panmure Bridge School did there Fun Run or cross country at Dunkirk Reserve. Adidas helped our school by making the track and start and finish line.  All Junior classes did one or two laps. For room five they had to run three laps. For Ls1 they had to run four laps while Ls2 did five laps. Every one tried their hardest and never gave up.

Following last week we were learning about Elections. This is a Kahoot, Joshua W, Jericho, Calvin and I've made. We've put in some question about prime ministers, percentages of votes and more. Click on the link above to play the Kahoot. Hope You Enjoy It And I Hope That You Get Most Of The Them.

These are the instructions for playing the Kahoot.
1. Click on the link above.
2. Press play. (Note you need to have more than one person)
3. Then press start now
4. After that press Classic mode or Team mode. (Optional)
5. After that it will show a code and give that code to a friend.

How Friends Join?
1. Tell you friend to go on this link =>
2. Put that code in it.
3. Then put the username and you are ready to go.

T3 Dance Production

This term we have been planning to do a production for the school's 60th birthday. Each class got a decade they had to dance to. In our class we have the 70's and 80's decade. Our songs are called Staying alive, I see red and Footloose.

Kiwi Can

Today at Kiwi Can we played hand soccer. Your goal was to use your hands to get the ball into the goal. Then we used objects around the room to make it come alive.

Print Advertisment

This week Ls2 has been focusing on advertisement. For this task we had to label the things the include to make us buy there product. E.g Ice cream ads sometime use mash potatoes so the ice cream does not melt.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Scale Drawing

This term for art we have been doing scale drawings. Before you draw your picture you need to find a photo that you want to draw then draw a grid over it, then do the same thing to your bigger paper but your grid is twice the size. To create this piece of art we used ratio's.

Princess Bride - Opening Scene

This Term for our media study we have been learning about the Princess Bride. For this activity we had to find out about prologue. Who are the characters introduced in the prologue? What is the setting of the main story? How is humor used to stop the scene from being too over the top and who are the main characters in the main story?

Monday, 25 September 2017

What is a Coalition

This morning LS2 were learning about what a coalition and how will the coalition with NZ first affect the results.

Our Task...
We created a DLO about Coalition and had to type down what is a coalition, who is our local MP, 
and how will the coalition with NZ First Affect The Result.

Election Democracy

This week we learnt about the elections. For this task we had to find the definition of democracy and demo. Democracy was originated from Greece.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


This week we are learning about election. For this task we had to figure out what a prime minister is. Then we had to find a New Zealand prime minister from the past and explain what they did.

Party Vote Jigsaw

Bill English
Image result for bill english
Image result for logo for national
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 2.23.56 PM.pngClutha-Southland
Jacinda Ardern
Image result for labour party nz jacinda ardern
Image result for logo for labour nz
Map of where is labour electorate
James Shaw
Image result for james shaw
Image result for green party logo nz
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 2.41.40 PM.png
United future
Damian Light
Image result for damian light united future
Image result for united future logo
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 2.39.39 PM.png
Act party
Kenneth Wang
Image result for Kenneth Wang
Image result for act party logo
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 2.42.01 PM.png

This week we are learning about elections. For this activity we had to figure out the party names, the party leader, what they look like, the logo of the party and the locations of the signs for us to vote for them.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read An E Book Day

Today we were introduced to Read an E book. We could do this activity by using the Tamaki overdrive or using the website to find a book that you wanted to read or to listen to. I read a book called : Torrent this book is very interesting because it introduces different types of characters and has sudden things happening to them. #EBOOKLOVE

Friday, 8 September 2017

Tech Food Tech

Today at food tech we made mini spaghetti pies with bacon. We first had to get one cup of cheese and spaghetti. Then we used pastry to make to outer ring for the pies. Then we sliced the bacon and added all of the ingredients together. The last thing we had to do was add the ingredients on the pastry and put it in the oven.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Today I used overdrive on the Tamaki website. I read a book called Beat by Jared Garrett. Its about a boy that go's to work and get given a special task to help people.

Kiwi Can Taking Risks

Today at Kiwi Can we changed our subject to taking risks. We first started our warm up by playing a game called Bib Bop Bounce and when they say bounce we got to answer them bang at the same time they say bounce. Then we talked about why taking risks is important and examples of taking risks are. Then we did our activity this game is called Hand Soccer. Instead of using your feet you use your hand to guide that ball. We all supported each other by cheering them on & by participating and contributing through the whole session.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Read Theory

Today I did read theory I read a text called climbing K2. We had to read a text and it will give us questions and we have to answer them correctly. You progress through the game every time you get all the questions answered correctly. The reason we do read theory is because that it helps us with our reading, grows our knowledge, how to comprehend, and improves our vocabulary.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Tech Rotation 2

Today all tech groups rotated for the last time our teachers name is Mrs Heka. We were lucky enough to do food tech last. Today we made chocolate milk shakes with whip cream on top. We first had to crush Oreos then get one cup of ice-cream and two tea spoons of chocolate syrup then blended everything together. After that we put whip cream on top and cleaned the kitchen.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Why It's Great To Be Me?

It's great to be me because my personal goal is to become someone that represents a country or to help people that are in need. Also I am willing to try things that seem difficult to me. And I have friends that support me and have my back because I am trustworthy to them.   

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Fraction Execration

Today for maths we have been focusing on Dividing Fractions. Dividing Fractions is very simple, this is how you do it. First you have to get 2 fractions this is my fractions - 2/3 and 4/5
Now you have to do this 2/3 ÷ 4/5.
There are more than 1 ways to solve a division fraction. I am going to show you how to to do the... 
1. The cross multiplication.
For the cross multiplication you have to turn the ÷ symbol to the X symbol.

Our task was to read and solve some question Ms Kirkpatrick gave us.
After we've solved it we had to make a DLO on one of the questions we did. I would collaboratively with 3 other students. We all had lots of fun making this DLO and solving question.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Evaluation Of My Animated Digital Story

Evaluation of My Animated Digital Story
The digital media outcome will be an animated digital story in ‘Scratch’, relating to the context of Healthy Living in the Tamaki community.
The animated story must include the following:
  • Information on that informs readers about concepts relating to Healthy Living in the Tamaki community
  • At least two sprites
  • At least two different backdrops

My Animated Digital Story is about Polluted water
My Animated Digital Story relates to the context of Healthy Living in the Tamaki Community because it relates to what the Tamaki community should look like.
My Animated Digital Story informs readers about concepts relating to Healthy Living in the Tamaki Community by making sure our water is clean
My Animated Digital Story includes at least two sprites.  These sprites are wanting to know why rubbish is in the water and someone explaining why.
My Animated Digital Story includes at least two different backdrops.  These backdrops are 1
I think that readers will enjoy my Animated Digital Story because it informs and persuades you to become better at making sure our water is clean.
Changes and adjustments that I could make to improve my Animated Digital Story include I could change the amount of time and have more backdrops

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Today and yesterday we started to make shapes that are made out triangles. The last one was very complex but I was able to complete it. It has six faces.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Dad meets the Martians

Dad meets the Martians

Retell the story of the poem in two sentences. That night dad meet martians that came from Venus. They took him for a ride in their saucer and in Dad's car.
What could the storyteller not explain? The thing that the storyteller could not explain is that why they wanted to drive Dad's car.

List three of the interesting verbs from the poem. Three interesting verbs in this poem are address, imported & drive

List three of the contractions from the poem and then write them out in full. The three contractions are can't can not I'd I would It's new it is

Friday, 4 August 2017

Winter Learning Journey

Today Rachel from the Auckland council came to our school to present the rewards for doing the Winter Learning Journey because during the holidays we where set a challenge to blog about. Our theme was a Kiwi's road trip. Their were a lot of people that participated in the Winter Learning Journey. At the end their were six people to receive prizes in a basket that was filled with New Zealand things. 

Digital Tech

Today we went to tech at Tamaki College. We had to do a kahoot that was a reflection over the tearm. Then we made a animated story about healthy living in the Tamaki community. We had to make two sprites communicate to each other through out the story.  

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Today I learnt the definition of hyperbole. We had to write a paragraph about how we had to get home with five pieces of hyperbole in the paragraph. We also had to try make the reader feel sorry for you and exaggerate about the situation.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Things You Need In Your Car

I made a DLO about all things you should carry in your car just encase for a emergency. The most important thing would probably be the multi tool because you could use it to fix something thats wrong with your car. Also you should have a jumper cable encase if you car battery runs out.

Friday, 28 July 2017

How To Be Cyber Smart

Today I completed one of my care awards for confidence. I had to make a DLO on how to stay cyber smart. One of the most important things to remember is not to share you address because they could come to your house.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

WLJ - Activity Four

Today we had to write how people in New Zealand was able to save three hundred whales in one day! Every one that where at the beach helped save the whales and where given a reward.