Monday, 16 March 2015

Designing my own flag

This is my own flag.
We had to make our own.
We did it because we wanted to change the NZ flag.
We learnt how make our own flag.
The 4 stars represent the southern cross.
The blue represent that we are an island.
The x represent the Union Jack .

All about me

I am a student at Panmure Bridge School.I am very tall and I am good at  soccer.  I will write about my family my hobbies and my favorite T.V programes.

In my family there is my  mum,dad,brother and sister but I'm older than my brother and sister.  I love my family because they love me and they take care  of me when I am sick.  And they are always there for me.

My favorite hobbies are playing, video games , watching my favorite T.V shows, going to school, playing flower power and playing skate 3.They are important because they get me money and more interested in the stuff that i'm playing or doing.

My favorite T.V shows are: Nickelodeon,Pokemon,Regular show,Spongebob and Fat boy and chum chum. These shows are special to me because  i always watch them all the times.     
And they are always funny and always make me want to pretend that i am the character in the cartoon.

My family is important because they always look after me and allow me to go to my mates house after school.My t.v shows and hobbies are inportant because i like to wacth them and play them.

I learnt how to make a recraft.
We did it because we had to write about ourself.
We wrote about ourself

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Today Cyrus and i did a document that we had to put the correct words in to the right colom.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Place values

The group 41s has been working on place values.We had to use place value blocks to make numbers with place values.I learnt that place value blocks are more better to use instead off your hands.We did it because in our group we had to a task.