Monday, 6 November 2017


Today I have been learning about animals that starts with the first letter of my name which is J. I have chosen a Jaguar. A Jaguar is a type of cat that is found in North Central and South America. There maximum weight is 100 to 250 pounds. Did you know that Jaguars only threat is an anaconda?


  1. Hi Jericho I did not know that the anaconda is the only threat to a jaguar keep up the work.

    1. Hi Jericho
      I like your work because you have put it all in a oder that i think is good and it is amazing that you have learn so much today witch is great and i think next time you can have a different color

  2. Hi Jericho, This is some really good information about jaguar and how they have adaptation. Next time you could add more color on your background. Great Work and keep the effort up.