Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Hike

The hike.

It was finally the day after yesterday. It was a very nice day outside. I had my shower and got changed, As I was cooking breakfast I had the feeling that me and my three dogs should go for a hike.

As I finished eating my  meal I had to feed my dogs too. As they started eating I went back to my room to get everything prepared.

I had packed a couple of snacks on the way for me and my dogs. I had also brang some fun activities. I also packed our swimming gear and my togs Just in case we run into a beautiful pool of water.

After a nice meal we have to brush our teeth. After brushing my teeth I took the dogs leashes. As I called for Grim,Domino and Chris my dogs they started rushing towards me.

As I put their leashes on we exited the room. We started to run down the stairs and into the hallway. I grabbed my keys to get back into my house and exited the house.

Immediately the dogs rushed out of the house but they were on their leash so they couldn't escape.
We entered the forest and found a peach tree and a cherry tree right in front of us. There were so many I got my extra bag  and grabbed a little bucket. I started picking some off the tree and put them in the bucket.

I had the perfect idea for today. I picked up my bucket full of fruits and gave one to the dogs. We started to walk again. As we were walking we were tired. We had got a blanket out of my bag and laid it down flat.

We sat down to have a rest.I got out my water bottle and the three dog bowls. I Poured some water in the dogs bowls and off they went drinking the fresh water.

As we were done I started to pack up. So off we went. Suddenly a shock to my eye I saw a fox. It was orange as a pumpkin ,  red as a rose  and as yellow as the sun.

The wind slowly brushed across my face. It felt relaxing. I started to walk towards the fox.  The fox started running when I tried to pet it.

I started to run after it. As I was running the I forgot my bags.Oh no I said to myself, and I have lost my to my bag.Luckily I still had my dogs with me.I tried to make my dogs to sniff the way back to where I left my stuff.No luck we where lost.

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