Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Golden Eagle

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The golden Eagle is a magnificence a bird and a well known bird to American people.They are a migratory birds. Male birds weigh less than female birds.They also belong to the Accipitridae family.

Golden Eagle birds can see three times better than humans so that when they are flying high in the sky so they can see their prey.  They eat rabbits,marmots and ground squirrel They also eat carrion,reptiles,birds and fish.

Golden eagles are migratory birds.Some golden eagles migrate in autumn. Most golden eagles are born in Mexico. They migrate to North America and only fly as far as Alaska. Only some golden eagles live in Asia.

All golden eagles glide instead of flapping their wings. They take off by flapping their wings. When they want to catch their prey they glide to it and use their sharp talons to snatch it.
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There talons are used to capture their prey and kill them.Sometimes they use there talons to pick up and throw animals off the cliff.Also one Golden Eagle picked up a 2 year old baby and almost took off with it.
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The Golden Eagles are territorial birds most of their home are in San Diego and California.When they see an animal that is not a Golden Eagle they would go and eat it because the Golden Eagles think that they are trespassing.

Golden Eagles don’t have enemies but they do have threats such as humans,Humans do nothing to the Golden Eagles but they do when the Golden Eagle attacks because the Golden Eagle think that humans are there food.

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