Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Making Connections - When The Wind Blows

Making Connections

L.I. Identify connections text to text, text to world and text to self

Text to text

Text to world
Text to self
Something I have read or watched that is like this is...
Something I know about that is like this is...
My reaction to this story is...
Something that I have read like this story is the Charge of the Light Brigade  
Image result for charge of the light brigade
North Korea and USA are getting nuclear weapons especially nuclear bombs.
Amazing and also kind of sad at the same time when they died.

I think that they both think alike but at different times there attitude changes. Like when they got warned they were going to get bombed the wife was calm and Jim was concern.Image result for when the wind blows

Today me and Fatongia have completed our DLO on when the wind blows. We had to link something from the world that happened in the story. Then we had to find another book that is slimmer to this book also our reaction or how we felt.

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