Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Two Day Wonder

Winter :  When I wake up in winter im in a mood not well no smiles and always freezing. I walk to school feeling deserted, the street is so muted it's like everyone moved out. When I walk to school I drag my shoes scraping my the ground leaving a long trail. The gate steps aside and lets us in.

Summer : When I wake up in summer its a beautiful day, flowers are blooming birds are chirping and  on days like this everyone’s outside and having a blast. The school gates welcome you in, and all you hear is laughter. When the bell rings no one rushes to class.

Today we have been writing our own version of Two day wonder by David Hill. We read this poem to under stand how to use juxtaposition and the two differences of having a good day and a bad one. Our version of this poem was describing our day walking to school in winter and summer.

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