Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi Can - Accountability

This week for kiwi can we have been learning about accountability. Accountability is taking  responsibility for your own actions or being honest. We could find accountability in our school by being prepared for the day, like having our Chromebook charged for the day. When we our playing sports we can show accountability by being honest if we got tagged. In class we show accountability by completing our work in time. For our energiser we played green light red light. When green light was called out we switch spots with our partner, when we heard red light we would jump on our partners back, if we heard yellow light we would sit on our partners lap and if we heard fruit salad, we would speed walk around the room until we got back too our partner. And for our activity we played a game called copy me. For this activity we had a leader, our leader would go back and forth to get a card with numbers on it. What ever number we got we would have to do what it says on the board, example if we got six we would have to do multiple fortnite dances in fifth teen seconds, or if we got five we would have to do five push ups.

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