Thursday, 2 November 2017

How Children Learn at School

How Children Learn at School

Do you wonder why kids are good at learning? They are good at learning because they watch people, they copy people, they observe other people because kids are eager to learn. They also want to follow their inspiration.

Children help their learning by observing people. Kids explore different and new things and they research things that they are unsure of.

Children talk to learn new things and find some new friends to get help from. Kids practice things to remember importants things.

Kids take risks to learn different things. They are also curious to figure out examples of things that they eager to learn about.

Kids are very good at learning they can do all sorts of things that people would not expect. They get help, they take risks, they observe information from what they are learning from and the take ideas and make them even bigger.

On Monday we wrote an explanation text about how children learn at school. We used rocket ship to write our explanation. After we finished our explanation we used DRAFT to fix our work. We also got feedback from different groups.

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